Eight reasons to have your destination wedding in Malta

Sunshine and Outdoor Venues

Photographer ferenc-horvath-Unsplash


Malta boasts around 300 days of sunshine per year making it the sunniest country in Europe.  What better than to say your vows on a beautiful beach or in the gardens of a medieval castle or villa?  Not bad reasons for holding your destination wedding in Malta.


Photo by Jovaughn Stephens

Happy People

The People

I have travelled to many countries and what stands out to me with Malta is how friendly everyone is.  If you are opting for a destination wedding, it is such a bonus that the people of that country are so welcoming and make you feel at home for your destination wedding in Malta.


Fresh food and local produce

Maltese food is full of flavour and hearty.  Being in the Mediterranean you are never short of luscious fresh fruit and vegetables.  You can sample local delicacies of Lampuki Pie (fish pie), Rabbit stew, Kapunata (Ratatouille) and Bragioli (beef olives).  Dine out on Octopus and fresh fish caught by local fishermen that morning.

Octopus meal

Photo by James Sutton

Local Wine

With Malta and Gozo’s many vineyards, you will be able to provide your guests with the finest tipple to pair with their food.  No Mediterranean meal is complete without a glass of wine produced locally. Your guests will not go thirsty!

glass of wine and vineyard

Photo by Kym Ellis


Accessibility to Europe and Ease of Travel


Malta has several flights daily from all major European airports.  After only a short flight you will be stepping off the plane and onto this beautiful Island.  Malta has just one airport, which is within 45 minutes car/taxi journey to anywhere on the Island.  Local buses also travel from the airport at regular times.

Photo by louis magnotti




Cultural and Historical Sights

Malta also offers ancient castles, impressive palaces and baroque architecture. The island is full of intriguing buildings.  Malta’s old capital, the walled city of Mdina, is a musValettat see with lots of history.  Wander its narrow winding streets and take in the landmarks.

Malta is tiny, measuring only 17 miles by 9 miles, thus making the Island very easy to explore its many historical gems from over 7000 years.

Photo by Zoltan Tasi


Nightlife and Entertainment

Why not hold your hen and stag parties in Malta also?  In the summer months the Island comes alive with festivals and parties.  Dance at one of the many beach clubs with the sand between your toes, set sail on a boat party or take a day trip and explore the blue lagoon.

Malta has a vibrant and fun scene which your guests are sure to enjoy whilst at your destination wedding in Malta.

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros beach party


 Value for money

Your wedding day can set you back financially and I am sure that you would like to begin married life with some money in your pocket.  Maltese venues offer extremely good value for money in comparison to venues in the UK and Ireland.  Contact me and I can help you organise your destination wedding in Malta.

people hugging on beach

Photo by Gyorgy Bakos


For further information on getting married in Malta or what venues I can offer then Contact me now…….


    Myself and partner Declan Are very interested in having our wedding in Malta.
    We are thinking of September 24th 2020 for 100 guests 10 children. Most of our guests are family they will stay at our hotel with other perhaps choosing location or close by.
    Would like a beach location perhaps resort style. Swim up pool bar etc. Open to all suggestions around the reception areas. But would like to
    have the ceremony approx 3pm or earlier and sit down reception 3 course meal.

    Perhaps a day after the wedding dinner- casual poolside get together with platters or pizzas for guests – open to suggestions on this.

    We both are Irish but live in Australia so will need a wedding planner?
    Would love some more information on venues in including ceremony, food and drinks package prices. And any other additional you may have for weddings.

    I’ve had s look at some venues the Radisson blu and Dolmen resorts look nice. Budget is 15k flexible on most things.
    Thank you for your time

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