Why Hire Wedding Planners for Destinations Abroad?

Why Hire Wedding Planners for Destinations Abroad?

Have time to organise your Hen Party!


So, you have decided to opt for a destination wedding but have no idea where to start with the planning.  Wedding planners for destinations abroad can save you the countless hours involved in planning your own wedding, leaving you to enjoy the fun parts of the run-up to your special day.

Wedding planners for destinations abroad can:

  • Save you money by having the contacts to negotiate the best rates with the suppliers
  • The legalities of a wedding abroad can be lengthy and complicated.  A wedding planner will provide guidance on what is required
  • Advise on the venues if you are unable to travel and visit yourself
  • Provide ease of mind that everything is being taken care of
  • Provide co-ordination on the day and ensure that you have an English-speaking person on site
  • Overcome language barriers – things can get lost in translation when communicating with the venues and suppliers. A destination wedding planner can take what you envisage and ensure that it is understood at the other end
  • Provide step by step wedding planning guidance

I have visited all the venues on my website and know the areas. Therefore, I can offer the best advice on activities and accommodations.

See my fairytale packages page for the services I offer as a wedding planner.

How I can help!



After finding out what you envisage for your big day, I can advise which of your preferred venues would work best.  You will probably have lots of questions such as “are fireworks allowed?” or “Is a special licence required to play music until 4 AM?”

From personally visiting all the venues on my website I have negotiated the best rates with suppliers.  Although I live in Malta, I travel to the UK and Ireland regularly, so it is possible to meet face to face if the timing is right and you prefer this to a Skype Consultation.

CONTACT ME to discuss how I can make planning your destination wedding so much easier!!!

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