Wedding venues in Ireland with a difference

I have researched wedding venues in Ireland with a difference; helping you make your fairytale wedding dreams become reality.

Castle & Lakeside Wedding Venues Ireland

Ireland’s scenic landscapes are dotted with ancient castles and glistening lakes.  The country is rich in history and offers the perfect setting for the fairytale wedding you always hoped for in castle and lakeside wedding venues.

For your ceremony take part in traditional elements like handfasting; the ancient tradition that symbolises a couple joining together in which ribbon is wound around the wrists, creating the infinity symbol. Ever wonder where the expression “tying the knot” came from? Irish weddings, of course!

For your reception experience the charm of the Irish, drinking Guinness in a quaint pub, dancing to the traditional bands until the wee hours.

Contact me for further details on weddings in Ireland with a difference.

Got a venue in mind?

Get in touch as I have many options available....
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