Amethyst Fairytale Weddings – Destination Wedding Planner 

Hello.  My name is Lisa – allow me to tell you a little about myself and how I came to be a destination wedding planner.  If you are wanderlust adventurers, brimming with fun and romance, and you are searching for an enchanting location for your fairytale wedding then I cannot wait to speak with you.  

Destination Dreams – Perfectly Planned

Specialising in planning exclusive fairytale weddings in Italy, Malta, Portugal, and Ireland.  I create dreamy & romantic destination weddings set in idyllic & enchanting locations.

My passion for planning magical weddings comes from my love of travel and desire to find the most romantic beauty spots for your dream day. 


To discuss in detail your hopes, dreams and your story as a couple to create a magical day for you. From the moment you begin this journey right until your carriage drops you home, my mission is to go above and beyond to ensure your dreams come true. Using meticulous planning and attention to detail, I will ensure that your wedding day is executed seamlessly.

Wedding Planner Abroad 

Whether you are looking for a luxury castle wedding with a stunning lake view or a romantic cliff-side elopement, I am continuously expanding my knowledge of venues.  I have a passion for researching and exploring stunning hidden gems. Having personally visited all the venues on my website, I have built excellent relationships with the owners and local suppliers.  This allows ease and simplicity in the planning. Your wedding will be one of the most magical days of your life. Allow me to take away any headaches and leave you to enjoy the build-up to your special day without any stress. You will have an unforgettable story to share with your loved ones along with a once in a lifetime holiday in the sunshine full of happiness and celebrations!

Let’s discuss your fairytale vision


I trained in London with the UK Academy of Wedding Planners. Following this, I worked and lived in Ireland planning weddings before setting up my own wedding planning business in Malta.

I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management.

And When Not Planning Weddings….

When I am not planning your dream wedding, I enjoy researching and planning for holidays and weekends away, relaxing in the sun with a good book or a glass of wine and a catch up with friends, learning new recipes to cook, or challenging my husband to a cook-off! He usually wins!

So, Why Amethyst Fairytale Weddings?

‘Amethyst’, because this is the stone of faithful lovers and of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, who is said to have worn a ring made from this beautiful stone and engraved with an image of the Roman god of love, Cupid.

 ‘Fairytale Weddings’, because my aim as a wedding planner is to find you your dream location.  I will go above and beyond at every step of the journey, using meticulous planning to execute your wedding seamlessly, creating a fairytale wedding for you and your guests to remember forever.

Let me help you plan your dream wedding

  • UKAWP wedding planner abroad
  • Featured on White Wren
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