Interview with a Destination Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding Planner – Three common queries I come across…

Interview with a Destination Wedding Planner

I haven’t budgeted for a destination wedding planner….

Let me know your budget and the most important elements of a wedding for you.  Do you want high-end food, a venue with a WOW factor or perhaps live music and fun is more significant for you?  I will then do a budget breakdown and factor in my fees as a wedding planner.  I have built relationships with suppliers and can negotiate rates hence saving you money.

Piggy Bank

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The venue already has an in-house coordinator and therefore I don’t need a planner…

In a nutshell, an in-house coordinator will send you a list of preferred suppliers whereas a wedding planner will be the main point of contact between yourself and the supplier.  A wedding planner with deal with all queries on your behalf and any issues that may arise keeping the stress away from you.

The venue coordinator will provide a timeline based around the venue’s catering team.  A wedding planner will build a timeline based on every single aspect of your day and ensure all your suppliers are aware of when and what they are doing.  A wedding planner works in a lot more depth.

Read my blog about the differences between a wedding planner and a venue co-ordinator.


I have seen an amazing package online including everything that I need and it’s a great price…..

If you were to break down the all-inclusive package into individual elements and price each section, commission will have been added to each of these elements.  With an all-inclusive package, you also don’t get as much flexibility and you cannot add your own personal style.  For example, you will be allocated a standard DJ whereas with a bespoke package I would search for suppliers based on your requirements.  You may not get options with the type of flowers as they are included in the package and set in stone.  A bespoke package is built around exactly what you are looking for.

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As your wedding planner, I will be here for you every step of the way and on the day itself.

Contact me to arrange a consultation and I will build a bespoke package personally for you.

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