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Malta boasts around 300 days of sunshine per year making it the sunniest country in Europe.  What better than to say your vows on a beautiful beach or in the gardens of a medieval castle or villa?  Read below for more information on Weddings in Malta.

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Here are some FAQ’s to give you a further insight into weddings in Malta. Click to scroll for some of the Best Wedding Venues Malta


When is the best time of year to get married in Malta?

The most popular months to get married in Malta are May, June and September.

July and August are very hot, and some may find a bit too humid – they are also the busiest months for tourists visiting the island, so it depends on your preferences.

The dry period ranges from April-July with June and July being the driest months.

October, November and December are the wettest months but still have a good amount of sunshine.

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 Are there any difficulties with language barriers?

Visitors to MTarxien Church Festaalta will experience no language barriers as English is the official language of the country along with Maltese.   The Maltese language is a mix of Arabic, British and Italian.


What is the local cuisine in Malta and what is typically served at a wedding?

Maltese food is full of flavour and hearty.  Being in the Mediterranean you are never short of luscious fresh fruit and vegetables.  You can sample local delicacies of Lampuki Pie (fish pie), Rabbit stew, Kapunata (Ratatouille) and Bragioli (beef olives).  Dine out on Octopus and fresh fish caught by local fishermen that morning.

Wedding food:

The Maltese tend to have a buffet / standing style wedding reception, but the caterers all offer a sit-down meal option too.

An open bar is common in Malta and the caterers offer very cost-efficient drinks packages.

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How soon do you need to book a wedding in Malta?

Weekend weddings in the summer months can get booked up by the locals at some venues up to two years in advance.  If you are travelling from overseas, then many would opt for a weekday wedding.  You will have a lot more flexibility and as your guests will probably be making a holiday then this would work.  Weekday weddings are also cheaper rates for the venue hire and more availability of suppliers.

The wedding documentation for a civil ceremony needs to be received no less than 6 weeks before your wedding but no more than 3 months.


Malta Fireworks Weddings in MaltaWhat is a typical order of the day at a wedding in Malta?

Weddings start later in the afternoon as it is too hot to start any earlier.  A civil ceremony in Malta only lasts 15-20 minutes.  30 minutes tops with readings included.  Following the ceremony, you would usually have a cocktail reception to enjoy canapes and sparkling wine, followed by dinner and then cake cutting and dancing.  At some venues, the music has to be lowered at 11pm or you can move indoors if they have that option.  There are options with a later licence if you prefer to dance until the early hours.


Local traditions

Traditional Maltese weddings are very big affairs with guest numbers in the hundreds, even over 500 guests is common.  The wedding etiquettes in Malta are quite similar to the English:

“Something old something new something borrowed and something blue –  originated in the Victorian times.

Dress – wearing white symbolises maidenhood.

Throwing of the bouquet over the bride’s shoulder – whoever catches the bouquet is traditionally the next to get married.

Cutting of the cake – symbolises the couples shared future.

Throwing of confetti – bestow prosperity and fertility on the couple.

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How long does it take to fly to Malta?

Malta has several flights daily from all major European airports.  After only a short flight you will be stepping off the plane and onto this beautiful Island.  Flights from the UK and Ireland are around 3 hours 10 – 3 hours 45 minutes.  Malta has just one airport, which is within 45 minutes car/taxi journey to anywhere on the Island.  Local buses also travel from the airport at regular times.

Singita Beach View Malta WeddingIs it expensive to get married in Malta?

Malta is a very cost-efficient country to get married.  The catering prices are very reasonable which is where the majority of the budget would go.   Venues offer cheaper weekday rates which is good to keep in mind for destination weddings.

Island History and Culture

Malta has a long and colourful history with a mix of influences brought by various rulers over the centuries before gaining independence from the UK on 21 September 1964.  This mix of influence is deeply infused in the Maltese people’s way of life. Malta is geographically placed between both Europe and Africa, the Maltese identity has roots in both continents which is apparent in many areas such as their food and music.

Sunset Beach WeddingAccommodation

Malta has a huge range of hotels, villa and apartments to fit every budget.

Hiring a villa with a private pool is also a very good option for groups.

I can help contact hotels for group bookings.  Some hotels offer all-inclusive packages but eating out is cheap and plentiful.

Click here to view an example of a stunning farmhouse with pool.


Is there plenty to keep my guests entertained?

Malta has dramatic cliffs, stunning landscapes, and ancient buildings to explore.  Measuring only 17 miles by 9 miles, it is very easy to explore the island’s many historical gems from over 7000 years.  Offering ancient castles, impressive palaces and baroque architecture, the island is full of intriguing buildings to visit.

The coastline is stunning.  Visit the many beaches and coves to relax, wander the winding streets of the Capital Valletta and explore the fortress-like hilltop town of Mdina.  Spend your evenings sampling the local cuisine and enjoy drinks in the island’s bars and clubs.

I can help you organise pre and post-wedding events such as boat parties, pool parties and vineyard trips.


What is the process for a civil wedding in Malta?

I can help you organise the documentation required for a civil wedding in Malta.  All required documents would be required 12 weeks prior to the wedding date.

There is no residency requirement for a wedding in Malta.

You need to request the Publication of Banns (Form RZ1) and Declaration of Oath (Form RZ2) which is to be signed in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths.  You need to obtain a free status certificate and will also need your passport and long birth certificates.  This varies dependant on which country you are both from and extra documentation is required if either of you have been married before.

Popeye VillageContact me for more information on Weddings in Malta and the best wedding venues.

Best Wedding Venues Malta

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