Wedding Venues Rabat Malta

A beautifully restored traditional Maltese country house nestled in the countryside, a great choice for wedding venues Rabat Malta.

You will be greeted by the old-world charm and tasteful opulence along with amazing panoramic views from the roof garden.  The venue is graced by a stone vaulted loggia and a striking hallway.  There is also a swimming pool, an all-weather glass marquee and underground parking at this homely venue.

The lodge offers a mix of interconnecting indoor and outdoor locations of varying sizes that individually or jointly cater to deliver a perfect dream wedding.

The beautifully lit up Mdina bastions as an imposing backdrop makes this a perfect choice for your wedding venues Rabat Malta.


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Civil Ceremony


The venue has its own catering team that work within the parameters of your budget and offer a variety of innovative menus all carefully tailored by their tireless Chef de Cuisine Kevin Bonello, who has a wealth of experience, including working hand in hand with international renowned Michelin Star Chefs.

The catering team prides itself in being creative and innovative
in its menu selections, with all items being prepared entirely onsite, using only the freshest of seasonal ingredients. Presentation
is also of utmost importance to us with the newest and latest
trends used in presenting our food to your esteemed guests and
thus evoking one’s senses.

The venue’s location allows for wedding celebrations unconstrained by the time limitations or sound constrictions of other wedding venues, allowing you and your guests to enjoy your reception to the full in the fully mature gardens, by the pool or on the upper terraces without hindrance.

Equally, in their selection of indoor venues, from the imposing Minstrels’ Hall and the adjoining garden marquee to the smaller poolside Drawing Room or the Olive Room or The Lavender Room on the upper floors, the attention to the smallest detail in the planning and construction all come together to deliver wedding celebrations of the highest order, year round.




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