Palazzo Parisio Wedding

Palazzo Parisio Wedding – Choose this 18th century palace with impressive gardens for your fairytale wedding.  Located in the heart of picturesque Naxxar, this stately family home is waiting to be explored.

The Ballroom is the very essence of a fairy-tale wedding.

You can opt for an indoor wedding in the majestic Ballroom.  It is meticulously detailed with designs and figures of ornate whites and gilded golds, which rise up to meet a ceiling of equal beauty.  The acoustics in the room are ideal for musicians to add a touch of romance to your ceremony.  Later on the dreamlike setting can be used for your tailor-made meal that your guests will love.

Palazzo Parisio Wedding Gardens

If you prefer to have an outdoor wedding you will feel like royalty in the Palazzo Parisio Wedding Gardens.  Intricately decorated with lush ivy plants and vibrant flowers, the gardens create a special area of natural beauty for you and your guests on your wedding day.

No matter what time of year you’re planning to get married, the gardens will be beautiful with exotic seasonal flowers creating a kaleidoscope of colours throughout the gardens.

Settle for nothing less than perfection on your wedding.  Contact me for further details on your Palazzo Parisio Wedding.

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Civil Ceremony

Civil ceremonies can be carried out in the indescribably beautiful ballroom or outside in the gardens.

Palazzo Parisio is the place where fairy-tale civil weddings become a reality.

Venue Hire Fee

No onsite accommodation is available but I can help you arrange this in nearby towns.


This dreamlike palace offers catering at the highest standards.  They have an excellent and flexible catering team from their own fine dining restaurant Luna. You can create a custom menu which their team of highly-skilled chefs will prepare to the very highest standards.




Let Me Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding

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