Fairytale forest wedding

Chateau Buskett: The Perfect Fairytale Wedding Venue 


At this stunning location, your fairytale wedding will become a reality. The enchanting Chateau Buskett in the heart of beautiful Malta offers the ultimate wedding experience. Perfect for large weddings and intimate elopements alike, this storybook location should receive strong consideration for your fairytale forest wedding. 

In this guide, i’ll tell you more about this one-of-a-kind wedding venue and offer some fun fairytale forest themed wedding ideas that will take your big day to the next level. Keep reading to find out how you can have your fairytale forest wedding at Chateau Buskett! 

Fairytale Forest Wedding

Chateau Buskett: An Overview 

A family-run business for nearly sixty years, Chateau Buskett is nestled in the heart of the magical Buskett forest woodlands. The venue has seen many uses over time—from a cabaret stage to a popular dining spot—but has received critical acclaim for its use as a top destination wedding venue over recent years. This open-spaced location, buttressed on the sides by giant Maltese trees and complete with a gorgeous stage and excellent lighting, lets you tie the knot in storybook style. 

Fairytale CeremonyWhat Chateau Buskett Offers 

What can you expect from this elegant wedding venue? You may be surprised: 

Exclusive Venue Hire 

Chateau Buskett’s ensures that you get the ultimate in nature weddings! Enjoy your wedding either indoors or outdoors next to the timeless Buskett forest—the decision is up to you. When you choose Chateau Buskett as your destination for fairytale forest weddings, you get exclusive access to the entire venue, as well as use of basic lighting, parking, and furniture services that will help make your wedding planning stress and hassle free.  


Chateau Buskett offers in-house catering. With six different menus, the venue has something for everyone—no matter your tastes. Enjoy the classic nightingale menu or go with the specialty tables option that will add extra class to your wedding reception.  


Fairytale Forest Wedding Ideas 

Take your fairytale wedding to the next level with these perfect enchanted forest themes and ideas! The best fairytale forest themes make use of storybook influences to bring out the magical beauty of natural forest settings. From hanging moss to beautiful nymphs and fairies, there’s a lot you can do to ensure your woodland wedding is truly the stuff of dreams.  

1.       Themed Wedding Dress 

Play the part with a gorgeous storybook wedding dress that will turn you into a beautiful fairy bride. Transform yourself into the ultimate forest bride with colored wedding dresses that help you simultaneously blend in with and stand out from the gorgeous woodland environment. Go with green- or gold-colored options with a long v-line to truly complete the fairytale look or wear a dress that features your favorite aspects of the surrounding forest, such as beautiful butterflies or intricate flowers.  

You may also choose to go with an all-white option that’s both elegant and elven! 

2.       Enchanted Tablescape Moss-Covered Fairyland Wedding Inspiration ⋆ Ruffled

Perfect your wedding look with an enchanted tablescape design that will have you and your guests feeling as if you are truly living in a fairytale. Consider long, curving tables to add to the storybook appeal, and make sure to feature the proper forest décor to truly complete the vibe. This can be accomplished with gorgeous flowers, moss, and flowing vines that help give your venue a one-of-a-kind magical look. These tablescapes also give you the creative freedom you need to personalize your storybook wedding style!  

(Photo by LeeYen Photography)


3.       Gorgeous Natural Arches 

You can add more to the storybook appeal by crafting gorgeous natural arches to run along the length of the table or any pathway you have in your venue. These tree-based arches can give a truly enchanting appeal to your venue and make for fantastic photo opportunities as well. Go the extra mile by letting floral garlands and vines hang from the arches and by surrounding the area with gorgeous natural blooms.  

By adding lights to the arches, you can add further storybook appeal to the venue. This extra light will help set the scene at night and also provide better photo opportunities after the sun sets. Both bright and translucent colors can be used to set the fairytale forest scene, giving you added creative freedom.  

4.       Fairytale Wedding Cakes 

Of course, no fairytale wedding is complete without a fitting wedding cake. Fortunately, finding the perfect enchanted forest wedding cake is actually quite simple! One popular option is buttercream cakes topped with tons of berries, blooms, and fruits that help keep it in line with the woodland feel. You can also add greenery to the cake to help give it a classy forest vibe.  Another option could be a beautiful naked wedding cake decorated with neutral blooms, greenery and succulents.

Your cake stand is just as important! Consider going with themed stands such as tree stumps or simple platters that are surrounded by gorgeous blooms, simple greenery, or moss. This will help tie all your décor together for a truly magical fairytale forest feel. 

The Bottom Line 

If you’re looking for a magical wedding replete with enchanting fun, it’s time to give this Maltese wedding destination some serious thought. Set against the gorgeous Buskett forest woodlands, this timeless venue is sure to offer you a wedding experience you can’t get anywhere else! 

Want your wedding to be extra special? Make sure to follow the fairytale wedding themes and ideas in this guide to give your wedding more of a storybook feel. Amethyst Fairytale Weddings can help you do just that.

Contact us today to make your fairytale come true! 

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