Wedding Venues in Sintra Portugal

You really can be a princess in this Magical Palace situated at the top of an enchanting town close to Lisbon.  Amethyst Fairytale Weddings provides you with the best of luxurious fairytale wedding venues in Sintra Portugal.

Places to get married in Portugal

The Palace has been named in the World Heritage by UNESCO, for its beauty, charm, and uniqueness. Surrounded by enchanting woods and mountains, this alluring Fairytale castle provides one of the most luxurious and exclusive places to get married in Portugal.

Enjoy the outstanding 360º views from the terrace rooftop with the beautiful Palace, as the backdrop for your photos. This colourful Palace is the best of wedding venues in Sintra Portugal and can exclusively host from the wedding ceremony to the wedding cocktail, from the wedding reception to the wedding disco.








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Magical Wedding Venues in Sintra Portugal....

You can hire this outstanding venue for your dream wedding.

The rental fee includes:
• Place of the civil or symbolic ceremony – Private Terrace of the Venue;

• Cocktail Location – Private Terrace of the Deer Room or other outdoor space;

• Dining Room – Arcos Room with a maximum capacity of 120 people;

• Existing furniture in the Sala dos Arcos

• Place for animation – Arcos Room or Main Terrace;

• Parking inside the Park

Please note:

• Children: exemption from payment up to 2 years; from 2 to 8 years old – 50% discount;

• Minimum rental values apply


The venue cannot perform religious ceremonies – just civil or symbolic;

Ceremonies take place on the private terrace of the palace overlooking magical Sintra.

Venue Hire Fee

There is no onsite accommodation, but I can help you find local accommodation.


Dinner service is served in the Sala dos Arcos.

There is no catering team, so I would source the catering for you and arrange all the logistics.


Dinner service in the Sala dos Arcos:
Maximum capacity of 120 people;

Let Me Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding

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