Beach Wedding Venues Malta

Beach Wedding Venues Malta – Malta boasts an amazing coastline and this seafront venue is the perfect place if you are dreaming of a beach wedding.

Set in an oasis of tranquility and natural beauty the resort provides one of the most beautiful wedding locations.  Lush gardens, with palm trees and gazebos bringing an atmosphere of romance in a picture perfect setting.

Getting married in Malta

There are various indoor and outdoor venues to choose from.  Get married on the beach, or if you prefer not to be on the sand, there is a sea facing veranda with fabulous views.  Have your reception in the beach side terrace – your guests can enjoy cocktails during sunset.  You can also hire out the cocktail and lounge bar exclusively for pre or post wedding fun.

Everything you need is in this one venue offering your guests ease and comfort.  Make sure you enjoy some of the boating trips which can be booked at our onsite watersports and diving centre.

Contact me if you are interested in Beach Wedding Venues Malta.

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Civil Ceremony

Civil ceremonies can be carried out at this venue either on the beach, the seaside terrace or the gazebo.

Venue Hire Fee

Hotel complex offering bedrooms at a reduced rate for guests. If you are interested in getting married in Malta this is a great venue and makes life easy for your guests as everything you need is onsite.  The best in beach wedding venues Malta.


The resorts top catering team will craft a memorable menu to suit the chosen atmosphere of your day, whether you are opting for a stand-up reception or a sit-down gala dinner.  Your guests will enjoy magnificent food and luscious surroundings.




Let Me Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding

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